Iceland Review

Summary iceland

In Betsy Tobin’s sweeping saga the ancient world of Iceland comes to life as myth meets reality, the bonds of family are tested by forbidden love, and gods come to earth as Iceland’s legendary volcano is about to blow.

The year is 1000 A.D. and Iceland is still a land with ancient traditions dating to the Vikings with rituals and beliefs that clash with those of the encroaching missionaries of Christianity.

Freya, a goddess of Asgard, has come to Earth in search of a necklace that may aid her in altering the course of history from the disaster she has heard prophesied.  She finds it in the land of the underground world of dwarfs where to obtain it she will have to make a deal with the four brothers who crafted it.

Meanwhile a young girl named Fulla is promised to man she hardly knows only to realize she is in love with a young man from a farm that neighbors her family’s.  A family that has been in a feud with her family for generations.

The bonds of love and faith are tested as the magic of the gods runs throughout Iceland as a clash between the ancient beliefs and Christianity grows closer.  A clash that could uproot all the ways of the Icelandic people, that is if the ever looming danger of the volcano does not uproot it first.

Thoughts on Iceland

When I first picked up this book I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  I just knew that I had a fascination with Iceland and a story that takes place back in the year 1000 always sounds good.  I am so glad that I found this book.  From its majestic view of Iceland to its look at the people of this land on the midst of a religious revolution with a little godly influence thrown in this book is one wild ride.

The overall story of Freya is actually based on a real myth from Iceland about how the goddess Freya met up with four dwarf brothers to broker a deal for their golden necklace.   Betsy Tobin’s tale adds more danger and magic to this myth which made for an exciting and crazy adventure for all the characters.  As whenever gods get involved in human affairs things are sure to get turned upside down.

Romance also is a big factor in this novel.  Fulla and Vili are basically the Icelandic Romeo and Juliet as they fight to be together despite their families’ feuding history.  The other great romance in this novel is that between Freya and Dvalin, one of the dwarf brothers who crafted the necklace. Honestly I enjoyed their relationship more than Fulla and Vili’s.  Neither one of them could stand the other at first and yet they couldn’t stop talking to each other.  It was funny and sweet seeing them play hard ball with each other but with an underlying tenderness.

The stories of Freya, Dvalin, Fulla, and Vili all intertwine throughout the novel. All come to a head when the final push for Christianity to take over Iceland is made and the disaster Freya was warned of sweeps across the land as the sleeping volcano awakes.

Other Details

My Recommendation: I would say this book is definitely for teens and up.  Personally I read it in college and was enthralled, so even if you’re past the teenage years this is still a book that would be well enjoyed.  I would say this is probably not a book for young children though.  Wait until they’re a little older before showing them this.

Author: Betsy Tobin

Genre(s): Fantasy, romance

Pages: 354

Publisher: Plume, The Penguin Group

First Released: September, 2009 (in US)