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Have you ever just wanted to run through stacks and stacks of books, getting wrapped up in the scents and wonder of pages of the printed word? Well that’s what you’ll get at Retold Tales.  Located right on Phoenixville’s main drag of shops, this independent southeastern PA bookstore has something for everyone.

Though you may have to do a little digging and sorting through the many stacks of books piled throughout the store, the search is well worth it.  The treasures you’ll uncover here you’d be hard pressed to find in other bookstores, and the journey to them is half the fun!

A void was created in Phoenixville after the town’s old bookstore had to close its doors.  Luckily Retold Tales came along to fill that void and has brought a new funky bookstore vibe to an already proudly quirky town.

The Books of Retold Tales

Since its doors first opened in May 2012, Retold Tales has integrated itself into the community of Phoenixville.  It hosts a very eclectic book collection, specializing in used and children’s books.

The books, though used, are in excellent condition and are sold at unbelievable prices (I bought a paperback for $3)! There are numerous genres, and something for everyone if you look.

Don’t be intimidated by the stacks of books piled all over the place.  Have fun looking through them, and you might just walk away with a book you would never have even thought to get before!

Children of all ages will love the wide variety of kid’s books available.  From fantasy books to the classics, children will find whatever book their heart desires and will enjoy the hunt for that perfect new story.

Aside from the massive collection of used books, there are also several books at Retold Tales that would appeal to the avid book collector.  The bookstore has quite a few rare and first edition books (priced at around $100) for those bibliophiles on the lookout for new members to their collections.

The Owner and the Community

The owner of Retold Tales is friendly and knowledgeable about her stock and books in general.  She is usually always around to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, or to just give you some direction through her store if you’re not exactly sure what it is you want.  Don’t be afraid to go up and ask her for assistance!

To integrate her bookstore even more in the community, the owner holds story times for kids at Retold Tales everyday, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Pajama story times are also hosted once a month, and special events for kids are hosted as well.  I hear a Star Wars Party is happening there in May!

The owner came to Phoenixville (my quirky hometown by the way!) specifically to start a bookstore that would remain independently owned without franchising.  And that is just the type of bookstore Phoenixville needs and responds to.

As a town of its own making Retold Tales is the perfect bookstore for Phoenixville to take into its heart, and it has.

With its cozy atmosphere, welcoming owner, and new books to be discovered around every corner Retold Tales has become a thriving part of Phoenixville that will hopefully continue for many years to come.

So drop on into this lovely local bookstore if you’ve never been, or even if you have.  And if you’re just passing through, make sure you stop in and see what this store has to offer.

It’s a bookstore whose sole focus is to sell great books.  That is what a bookstore should be.

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