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A bookstore in Phoenixville retold tales

Have you ever just wanted to run through stacks and stacks of books, getting wrapped up in the scents and wonder of pages of the printed word? Well that’s what you’ll get at Retold Tales.  Located right on Phoenixville’s main drag of shops, this independent southeastern PA bookstore has something for everyone.

Though you may have to do a little digging and sorting through the many stacks of books piled throughout the store, the search is well worth it.  The treasures you’ll uncover here you’d be hard pressed to find in other bookstores, and the journey to them is half the fun!

A void was created in Phoenixville after the town’s old bookstore had to close its doors.  Luckily Retold Tales came along to fill that void and has brought a new funky bookstore vibe to an already proudly quirky town.

The Books of Retold Tales

Since its doors first opened in May 2012, Retold Tales has integrated itself into the community of Phoenixville.  It hosts a very eclectic book collection, specializing in used and children’s books.

The books, though used, are in excellent condition and are sold at unbelievable prices (I bought a paperback for $3)! There are numerous genres, and something for everyone if you look.

Don’t be intimidated by the stacks of books piled all over the place.  Have fun looking through them, and you might just walk away with a book you would never have even thought to get before!

Children of all ages will love the wide variety of kid’s books available.  From fantasy books to the classics, children will find whatever book their heart desires and will enjoy the hunt for that perfect new story.

Aside from the massive collection of used books, there are also several books at Retold Tales that would appeal to the avid book collector.  The bookstore has quite a few rare and first edition books (priced at around $100) for those bibliophiles on the lookout for new members to their collections.

The Owner and the Community

The owner of Retold Tales is friendly and knowledgeable about her stock and books in general.  She is usually always around to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, or to just give you some direction through her store if you’re not exactly sure what it is you want.  Don’t be afraid to go up and ask her for assistance!

To integrate her bookstore even more in the community, the owner holds story times for kids at Retold Tales everyday, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Pajama story times are also hosted once a month, and special events for kids are hosted as well.  I hear a Star Wars Party is happening there in May!

The owner came to Phoenixville (my quirky hometown by the way!) specifically to start a bookstore that would remain independently owned without franchising.  And that is just the type of bookstore Phoenixville needs and responds to.

As a town of its own making Retold Tales is the perfect bookstore for Phoenixville to take into its heart, and it has.

With its cozy atmosphere, welcoming owner, and new books to be discovered around every corner Retold Tales has become a thriving part of Phoenixville that will hopefully continue for many years to come.

So drop on into this lovely local bookstore if you’ve never been, or even if you have.  And if you’re just passing through, make sure you stop in and see what this store has to offer.

It’s a bookstore whose sole focus is to sell great books.  That is what a bookstore should be.

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Towne Book Center and Cafe

The Road To Towne towne book center

This is a bookstore favored by the locals of Collegeville, Pennsylvania (I’m happy to be one of them!).  Family-owned this local hangout has a warm friendly feeling that invites you in.

And not only are the shelves lined with a multitude of stories to read, the bookstore has its own story to tell.  It was a long road, and several name and location changes, before it became known as the Towne Book Center and Cafe.

In 1990 a franchise bookstore called The Little Professor opened its doors.  The family, loving what they were doing in their community and doing it well, took the bookstore into their own hands.  In 1996 the store became the independently owned Trappe Book Center named after the shopping center in Trappe, Pennsylvania, it was located in.

In 2011, with the building of the new shopping center in Collegeville, the Town Providence Center, this beloved bookstore was given a new opportunity and new life once again.  They were one of the first stores to take up residency and renamed themselves again becoming the Towne Book Center and Cafe.

As a loyal customer of the Trappe Book Center I of course followed them to Collegeville, and admittedly was at first worried that it would be too different from the bookstore I had grown up loving.  Well there was one major difference I found.  It was even bigger than before!  Books were everywhere as far as the eye can see, and now they had a cafe too!  Change can be a good thing.

Supportive Staff

The Towne Book Center has continued to be a community landmark for book lovers.  Some of their staff have been with them since Trappe and are thus very well acquainted with what the bookstore houses.

And even those who have only worked at Towne are highly knowledgeable about what’s in stock.  Because really you can’t not love this place!  Everyone there is friendly and helpful, ready to help you find that perfect book.

Books, Books Everywhere…With Coffee

As soon as you walk in the front door you are met with shelves of new releases and bestsellers, that then lead you off into numerous sections with books of all kinds.

They’ve got non-fiction, cook books, travel books, a huge fiction section which breaks off into mystery, romance, and a whole wall full of science-fiction (fantasy books are also included here).

They have a whole teen section, and with their larger pace were able to add an entire children’s area which holds a beautifully painted jungle scene above it.

A special thing that I enjoy is that this independent bookstore does have a manga/graphic novel section.  A market this store was smart enough to get into.

Pretty much whatever you’re book fancy you can find at the book center (they even have the latest magazines!).  If you happen to come across a book you want that you just can’t find, however, no worries!  Just ask the staff at the register to order it for you.  They’ll be happy to help you find any book you desire.

The best thing about ordering from them is even though they give you a range of dates of when your book will arrive, usually your book ends up arriving much earlier than expected.  I can personally attest to this.

One of the greatest editions that was made when Trappe became Towne was the cafe.  Full of fabulous coffee and tea drinks, like a blended caramel coffee drink perfect for a hot summer day (or any day really).  Not to mention their delectable desserts.  The peanut butter cookies are to die for!

The cafe also comes along with a spacious seating area where you can sit, relax, read, and enjoy your coffee and dessert.

Special Events and Community Groups

The cafe’s large area does become highly useful on certain occasions when special people pop into the book center.  Lisa Scottoline has made several stops to promote her books, and other authors often stop in for a signing.

The book center also does events for popular series books, and allows you to pre-order the next volume so that you can get it immediately when it is released.  I have fond memories of their Harry Potter all night parties at Trappe.  Packed in and waiting for the clock to strike midnight and then stampeding toward our pre-ordered books.

Aside from the special events the book center also has regular book club meetings, themed tea parties (the Frozen tea party was a huge hit), writing groups, and many other activities.

Promoting the Local at the Local

As a local independent bookstore, Towne Book Center enjoys promoting local authors and artists.  You can find local artwork hung throughout the store and books by local authors are always prominently featured.

The Towne Book Center is a wonderful family-owned bookstore that really reaches out to the community and makes you feel welcome.  This was shown in the 2014 Hot List where it won third place in the bookstore category.

It has something for everyone so stop on by and have a look around.  As soon as you step in you’ll want to make it you’re new home for books, and if you’re just passing through the area mark it as a spot to rest and relax on your travels.  The Towne Book Center is a bookstore you’ll never forget!

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Wellington Square Bookshop

Welcome to Wellington! wellington

Located at 549 Wellington Square in Exton Pennsylvania, the Wellington Square Bookshop contains within its walls books for every taste imaginable.  Right from your first step in the door a cozy atmosphere welcomes you bringing to mind bookstores of old.

With its smell of wood coming from the carefully carved shelves and its wheelie ladders placed around the store reaching up to the higher shelves it brought to mind a bookstore found in fairy tales.  A place where some magical secret lies hidden in the stacks.

Books rare, new, and more…

There is a well stocked children’s and teens’ section off to the right as you walk in the front door where some of the newest releases are dispersed with old favorites.

Following the signs to the back of the store you find the adult book section broken up into more categories than you can imagine.  The books are broken up into sections reminiscent of an old library even having numbers next to the section title.  920’s are Biography for example.  There is also Drama, Poetry, History, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Mystery, and many more categories to explore and browse.

Even more interesting are this bookstore’s special secrets.  They specialize in rare books and signed first editions.  A glass case greets you as you walk through the door showcasing some of the oldest books in their collection some of which date back to the early 1900’s.

Signed first edition books can be found throughout the store.  Along with the rare and new a browser can come across many older titles that may be a bit harder to find in other bookstores.

Aside from the great selection of books the Wellington Square Bookshop also houses many decorative items and unique gifts any book lover would adore. Numerous wooden and marble bookends crafted into many fantastic shapes line the store.  I’ve personally got my eye on a pair of marble book ends shaped like unicorns, but there are so many it’s hard to decide!

If all this wasn’t enough they also have a very modern cafe where you can get any number of tea and coffee drinks along with a huge selection of delectable sweets that would make anyone give up their plans for a diet!

This bookstore was started in 2006, and in 2014 was named the winner of the Philly Hot List for best bookstore in the Philadelphia Area.  It has become a great place to shop, snack, and talk books with fellow book lovers in the community.

Their staff are friendly and helpful and clearly brim with excitement over books. They are there to help you find what you’re looking for among the stacks if you know, and are more than willing to make recommendations if you just can’t figure out the right book to get.

Book Clubs and Other Fun Things

The bookshop supports many on going activities and clubs.  I can personally say that their adult book club is enjoyable and really makes you think outside your proverbial box and read things you would honestly probably pass over.

It really can be a laugh riot when you get going, and there are always plenty of treats on hand!  Not only that but authors have been known to drop by the book club and discuss with us the book we just read and they wrote.  After reading the Unremarried Widow, the author Artis Henderson popped into book club via Skype.  How many book clubs do that?

Wellington also has a young adult book club for teens, as well as writing groups, author signings, and numerous other special events for adults and children.

If you’re lucky you might even stop by on a day when new ARC’s (Avid Reader Copies) come in.  These are books that have not been officially released in stores yet by the publisher, and are given to certain places in advance.  Since these books are not officially for sale yet you can get them for free!  If you get lucky you just might find something.

So if you are in the area stop in and have a look around, and if you’re just passing through stop in anyway.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Once you come in you’ll never be able to get enough.

At Wellington Square Bookshop you come for the glorious selection of rare, used, and new books and stay for the friendly cozy atmosphere and helpful and enthusiastic staff.  Not to mention the goodies at the cafe!

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